Rotary Air Valve

Rotary Air Valve
Size150-175-200-250-300 & 350 mm

The D. P. Rotary Air Valves have been designed for absolute universal use. They are ideally suited to control delivery or discharge of powders or palletized products to and from hoppers, bag filters and centrifugal separators. Rotary Air Valve's strong and compact construction makes it a simple matter to access the internal working parts.

Standard Design features of Rotary Air Valve

  • ➤ Rotor with beveled tips for powder.
  • ➤ Connection with plug for bearing purging.
  • ➤ Sealing of shaft by means of radial lip seals
  • ➤ System pressure max. 1.5 bar g.

Material of Construction for Rotary Air Valve :

  • ➤ Housing and side plates in cast stainless steel/cast aluminum or cast iron construction.
  • ➤ Rotor shaft in stainless steel/mild steel.
  • ➤ Gear motor support made of M.S.
  • ➤ Chain drive with M.S. guard.